Removal Request Form

Who we are?

Endole is a provider of commercial products and data. We provide services and products in the public's interest which help them meet with compliance and legal obligations, protect them against fraud, reduce financial risks by having comprehensive information on individuals and corporate entities.

How do I remove my information?

Your company information automatically appears on Endole because we source our data from a number of third party sources such as Companies House. We appreciate you may wish to have your company or director information removed from public search engines. To request this, please complete the form.

When will my information be removed?

After you have submitted the removal request form, our quality control team will review your submission, this may take between 3 to 5 working days. If we do not contact you, you may safely assume your submission was successful. Please note, search engines may take a few weeks before removing your information, we do not have control over this.

Remove my information from search engines

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