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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Endole company checks cover?

Company checks by Endole offer a live view into a company’s details, including Credit Checks that detail current and previous Credit Scores & Limits, 6 years’ County Court Judgements (CCJ), Gazette, and Charge history, as well as past and present financial accounts.

Why are company checks important?

Company information is used to see the activity of businesses, including Suppliers, Competition, Customers, and Sales Leads. This information that includes data on Shareholders, Full 5 Year Accounts, Credit Scores, and more, allows you to react and safeguard your business from any potential risk.

Does the business know when I’ve checked them?

We take our users' confidentiality very seriously. All purchases on Endole are anonymous, this means that we do not reveal any information about any user using Endole to a third party without the consent of the user or a legal obligation.

How does this differ to a Companies House webcheck?

Endole business searches and Companies House webcheck offer similar details, including director details and financials. Endole also offers data like Email Details, Credit Data, and more.

Do company checks include credit searches?

Endole company checks provide real-time credit information. Each check is complete with a credit score, an advised credit limit, as well as any CCJs or debt a company may be exposed to at this moment in time.

Are contact and director details included?

GDPR friendly contact details like official Email Address, Telephone Number, and Websites are included with every search. Detailed director information is also included, covering the Director ages, Mutual Companies, and more.