Company Valuation

Our unique business valuation algorithm takes into account a number of specific financial indicators, real-time market trends and charts this against a database of every company in the UK. Instantly presenting an accurate and easy-to-digest guide to the current value of your company.

Easily and accurately value your business

  • Understand your company’s value

    Get a breakdown of your company’s valuation and the key components that determine its value, including real-time financials, market trends and more.
  • Learn the value of each major shareholding

    Learn the value of each major shareholders share in your company, with a breakdown of their Share Value, Share Percentage and Share Type.
  • View changes in the company’s value over the previous 5 years

    Estimate a growth or decline in your company’s value by understanding how your company’s worth has changed over time.
  • Benchmark against other similar businesses

    Compare and contrast your company’s value against 5 other businesses who engage in a similar industry with available size benchmarks.

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