Director Reports

Using live company data, Endole Director Reports help you learn about the people behind companies like never before. With detailed insights including financial performances, as well as past and current directorship portfolios.

Understand every director you care about.

By empowering you with the needed, expansive knowledge to assess all directors, an Endole Directors Report helps you protect your business while continuously staying confident moving forward.
  • Learn exactly who an individual is

    Differentiate and understand individuals further with official director and secretary information including real-time full name, month and year of birth, registered address and nationality insights.
  • Explore past and current appointments

    Easily explore individual appointments with official business name and trading status information, position held (director or secretary), date of appointment and resignation, as well as previous activity information.
  • Evaluate financial performances across companies

    View every director appointment and learn about every company's financial performances including Cash in Bank, Net Asset, Total Current Liabilities and more for every company an individual is related to.
  • Know more with En-Score

    Endole analyses the financial and credit risks associated with all of a director’s companies. Producing a real-time business health score, giving you an instant indication of how successful an individual is likely to be.
  • View mutual directors

    Instantly identify a director’s hidden company relationships with highlighted links between individuals based on appointments within mutual companies.

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