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Endole Insight helps businesses truly understand data in innovative ways, using an authentic, connected software. By transforming the way businesses learn, Endole Insight provides companies with the tools they need to analyse, understand and act, helping you grow meaningful relationships with absolute confidence.PLANS & PRICINGFEATURES

Complete Company Financial Accounts

Explore through 10 years of financial accounts with greater efficiency.

  • Explore through 10 years of full financials

    Understand company performances completely, with a decade worth of full accounts. Including Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, as well as Percentage and Ratios.
  • Easily navigate between past and present activity

    Compare and contrast current performances against historical performances with easy-to-navigate current and historic financials.
  • Download complete reports

    Access authentic official filings and instantly view over 120 million corporate documents submitted by the companies themselves.

Full Company Ownership Structures

Browse diverse company ownership structures.

Whether you're looking to browse through real-time shareholder insights or learn about complex corporate group structures, Endole Insight is the ideal software for companies to explore and understand ownership structures, highlighting links between companies and shareholders that would otherwise be missed.

Gain a thorough understanding of shareholder ownership

Discover who the people behind a company are, learn how many shares they hold, and what type, to understand every percentage owned of a company.

Seamlessly browse through entire corporate group structures

See the full picture and learn exactly who companies are backed by, and who they're backing, with full UK corporate group structure navigation.

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Company Credit Risk Analysis

Generate comprehensive credit reports, instantly.

Make confident decisions using real time credit scores

Understand how safe a company is and stay informed of the risks it may carry moving forward with, using real-time current and previous Credit Scores and Limits.

Explore corporate debt using official county court judgements

Learn how companies view their corporate debt, and exactly what approach they take to satisfying them using 6 years' CCJ history.

Understand a company's charges and how they manage them

Discover exactly when and how much money a company has borrowed, from who, and learn whether those loans are yet to be repaid.

Discover immediate risk with real time gazette notices

Uncover how financially stable a company is without having to wait for annual accounts, using integrated Gazette notices.

Company Directors & Secretaries

Understand the people behind the company.

View insights on over 13 million directors

Gain real-time insights on over 13 million directors, including directorship timelines, activity and statistics.

Understand director positions completely

Learn about the people behind a company, including nationality, date of birth and their roles within the company.

Highlight specific directors using filters

Identify directors-of-interest using role, status, occupation, nationality and country of residence search filters.

Complete your business comprehension.

Uncover Hidden Links

Gain a true understanding of a company's hidden relations by learning which companies it shares mutual directors with.

Understand Competitive Landscapes

Explore competitive landscapes and understand how well a company is faring against its closest competitors.

Access 120 Million Official Filings

Instantly download and view from over 120 million Official Companies House documents, dating back more than 20 years.

Track Company Activity

Simplify tracking company activity through Latest Activity feeds, and gain real-time insights into how a company has changed.

Discover Company Property

Learn what a company owns with a detailed breakdown of its intellectual property, including Trademarks and Domains.

Learn faster with Quick View

Hover over companies and gain a rich, instant insight into their company activity. Including Latest Activity, Financials and more.

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  • Powerful insights on every UK Company and Director

    Explore in-depth, actionable insights on every company and director in the UK and make business decisions with complete confidence.
  • Access up to 25 Credit Reports every month

    Perform up to 25 Endole Credit Checks (including live Credit Scores & Limits) every month to protect your organisation from risk.
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

    If you're no longer in need of our services, all Endole subscriptions are non-contracted and can be cancelled at any time.
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    In the very unlikely event that you don't feel your Endole subscription has offered you any benefit, our money back policy entitles you to a full refund of the purchase.