Newly Formed Company Data

Opportunities to create valuable relationships with new businesses have never been more available. By providing up-to-the-minute, new business data lists, Endole is the perfect solution for reaching out to and creating long-term relationships with new and yet to blossom companies.

Create valuable relationships from the beginning.

Endole provides newly formed company data as soon as they have been incorporated and registered at Companies House.
  • Over 1,500 newly formed companies daily

    Get access to every new company formed with new company data lists complete with details for the 1,500+ companies that are incorporated every day.
  • Updated company data

    Download new company data that's real-time as well as actionable, with new company information continuously being processed on a second-by-second basis.
  • Tailored data

    Only use new company data that's relevant to you, with targeted location searches helping you narrow down your search to newly incorporated companies in areas that are important to you.
  • Custom feeds

    Save money and time with pre-sorted data lists selecting the data you want, including preset Director, and Company Names and Address preferences.
  • Authentic data

    Be confident in your data as all new company information is sourced officially and cross-referenced against Companies House to maintain accuracy.

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