Endole provides credit teams with a complete understanding of a company's ability to meet financial deadlines based on past performance and current activity.

Since the early days of business, the integral factor in decision-making has, and will always continue to be — Risk.

Whatever the nature of your business, a company will always have to ask itself necessary questions such as "Who exactly am I negotiating with?", "Will I receive my payment on time?" or "How much can I really supply to them, and with what conditions?"

Whether these flags are raised by existing or potential prospects, the sole way to address them is by having clarity and insight. To gain this, you would need access to up-to-the-minute Credit Data, a transparent view of the Company's current and previous financial standing, and an intelligent software that continuously updates, processes, and cleans this data — so that you can stay at the forefront of Business Intelligence.

Here's how we can help you protect your business:

  • Discover the new Endole Credit Scoring Algorithm. Our revolutionary Credit Scoring algorithm considers every financial aspect of a company. And then, intelligently squeezes all of this data into one perfectly accurate number — the Endole Credit Score. With our incredible algorithm at your disposal, identifying the credibility (or non-credibility) of your clients has never been easier.
  • Determine if a company is sticking around, steadily growing or heading towards their downfall. We store historical as well as real-time financial data on every UK company — spanning from five years ago to this very minute. By combining in-depth financials with clarity; we keep you informed on exactly how much you can borrow.
  • CCJs, Debts, and Charges. We break down 6 years of CCJ, Debt and Charge information with uncompromising precision. Armed with our CCJ database, completely grasp how your clients approach their debt and how much of their debt has been satisfied.

And that's just the start. Let's discuss how we can eliminate risk in your company.

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