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Company Insight
Comprehensive company information presented with a communicative design. Defined by sophisticated algorithms. And engineered with powerful functionality. Endole Company Insights has changed the way we understand companies forever. Analysing companies with absolute comprehension has never been easier. At Endole, we do the thinking for you.
Company Credit Report
Endole's Company Credit Report delivers you with detailed insights of your potential clients, empowering you with the right knowledge to make the right decision, avoid problematic choices, and to know exactly who you are dealing with.
Company Explorer
Endole Company Explorer lets you browse through every company in the UK. Using an advanced filtering system to narrow down your search to a company list that meets your criteria. We also offer the option to export these lists for instant access.
Out with the old — in with Endole.
In a world where technology continues to advance, the sector of company information has remained stagnant. Until now. Introducing Endole — the collective result of intuitive design paired with powerful functionality. Our vision is one — to build groundbreaking applications revolutionising the way we utilise company information like never before. Years of experience and incredible innovations drive Endole forward — pushing company insights to a whole new level.
Incredible Products. Exceptional Needs.
Revolution for company insights start here. We believe a good business decision is based on knowledge. Knowledge derived from millions of lines of corporate data. Stored within state-of-the-art facilities. Filtered vigorously for reliability and usefulness. Processed using sophisticated ever-advancing algorithms. And then, displayed in a way that's elegant yet practical. Endole does this remarkably well, and we have years of experience in it.

Beneath the Surface
Obsession with each and every detail. And an unwillingness to settle.
Our core principles drive the wondrous works of Endole. And we wouldn't have it any other way.
Endole is built with authenticity from the ground up. Starting from the very beginning -- every byte of data is sourced from governmental bodies, official registrars and information from the companies themselves. This diverse data is then systematically cross-referenced against one another, minimising discrepancies.
In our endeavour to keep our data up-to-date, we were forced to break technological boundaries. Never before has our information been updated at this level. Some data are updated within 24 hours. Others within minutes. And most within a fraction of a second. Continously.
Endole is designed beautifully with an intuitive interface. Delivering comprehensive information with clarity throughout. The positioning of every detail is placed with great thought to present information in ways that feel natural. And that's just one of the many factors that define our unprecedented designs.
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