About Endole

"Our mission is to create intelligent software that revolutionises the way we utilise corporate data. To help organisations of all sizes, across every industry, incorporate business intelligence into the very core of their operations."

Endole is a leading business information provider.

In business, seeing the bigger picture will always be a key factor when making decisions. We dedicate entire workforces, spend endless hours, all in an attempt to gather information before reaching a conclusion. Yet somehow, the quality and availability of business information has continued to stagnate. Until now.

The future of business intelligence.

It all starts by recognising that intelligent software connected with comprehensive data is the future of business intelligence. So we built a new foundation around this vision - with a new set of tools, using innovative ways to connect corporate data, and machine learning technology deployed through out. This is the future. This is Endole. This is where business intelligence is headed.

Comprehensive data meets intelligent software.


We source billions of lines of authentic data from official governmental bodies, global data providers including information from the companies themselves.


To ensure our clients receive real time insights, the data is then updated consistently to maintain authenticity and integrity throughout.


Every field of data is systematically cross-referenced against existing information across global information networks to eliminate discrepancies.


Through the use of intelligent methods including machine learning, predictive modelling, and smart data mining, relationships between sets of data are identified and connected.


Our softwares are designed with ease-of-use in mind with clarity throughout, to enable our clients to effortlessly incorporate business intelligence in a way that feels completely natural.

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120 Million+


Businesses across every industry depend on Endole.

Endole has always believed that data brings people together, whether they're colleagues, customers, or potential clients. Today, our tools help businesses understand their customer in innovative ways, helping them grow meaningful relationships using connected, responsive data. By powering entire organisations with a single, powerful platform, Endole transforms the way businesses across every industry understand and utilise data.

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