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From startup to industry leaders, learn exactly who you're working with through detailed, comprehensive intelligence that spans over a decade — including live Credit Scores, Ownership, and Full Financials

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Gain a complete view of how a company is performing with past and present insights on a company's Key Financials, Risk Factors, Decision Makers, and more, in moments

Everything you can learn about companies across the UK

  • Regulatory Data
    Registered Company Name, Number, and Address, Trading Status & more
  • Up-to-the-second Financials
    Turnover, Assets, Liabilities, Cash At Bank, EBITDA, Trade Debtors, and more
  • Live Creditworthiness
    Credit Score, Credit Limit, Credit Band, Gazettes, Charges, and more
  • Core Company Intel
    No. of Employees, Company Size, Description, Company Age and more
  • Compliant Contact Info
    GDPR and CTPS-friendly Telephone, Email, and Website data
  • Decision Maker Names & Influence
    Director Names, Ages, Nationality, and Roles + Shareholder Names and Percentages
  • Industry Insights
    Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes and Industry Description
  • Mailing List Addresses
    Full Addresses, or Separated Address Lines, Towns, Regions, Postcodes, Country
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    Instantly access comprehensive intel on over 7 million UK companies, including who their Key Decision Makers are and how they're related to different companies
  • Powered by authoritative, authentic data

    Every insight is shaped by intelligently connecting real-time data from authoritative sources like Companies House, Trust Online, The Gazette and more
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    Endole helps teams across the country make faster and smarter decisions including businesses like HSBC, Aviva, Deloitte, and Network Rail