Data Cleansing & Appending

Powered by one of UK's largest company databases, Endole helps you find expired records, update them, and add completely new data to your B2B lists in an instant — including Contacts, Financials, Key People, and more

Transform old contacts into entirely new opportunities

Effortlessly enhance your lists with fresh, up-to-the-second intel on every company in your database, with 50+ available insights to help you reach customers better

Complete with all the data that's needed to refresh your database

  • Regulatory Data
    Registered Company Name, Number, and Address, Trading Status & more
  • Up-to-the-second Financials
    Turnover, Assets, Liabilities, Cash At Bank, EBITDA, Trade Debtors, and more
  • Live Creditworthiness
    Credit Score, Credit Limit, Credit Band, Gazettes, Charges, and more
  • Core Company Intel
    No. of Employees, Company Size, Description, Company Age and more
  • Compliant Contact Info
    GDPR and CTPS-friendly Telephone, Email, and Website data
  • Decision Maker Names & Influence
    Director Names, Ages, Nationality, and Roles + Shareholder Names and Percentages
  • Industry Insights
    Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes and Industry Description
  • Mailing List Addresses
    Full Addresses, or Separated Address Lines, Towns, Regions, Postcodes, Country

Recharge Sales & Marketing with live B2B Data now

Available in the Endole App. Starting from £25/month. No minimum terms or contracts.
  • Refresh your lists in an instant

    Pick and choose the data you want to add, or update, with unrestricted access to data on every single company and director in the UK
  • Add and own your data

    Supplement your database with over 50 different data types, add new businesses who fit your criteria, and export to CSV to share with your team in moments
  • Live, GDPR-friendly contact data

    Prepare for sales calls with real-time information including daily updated mailing lists and B2B telemarketing data.