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Connect with one of the largest UK company databases found globally and develop powerful solutions that automate the way you learn, connect, and analyse UK businesses

Everything Companies House API offers and more

  • Updated Daily

    Get connected data from official sources like Companies House, Trust Online and more
  • 6 Million+

    Find complete company profiles, including Ownership for every company in the UK
  • 10 Years

    Access a decade of full, historical financial accounts including Turnover, Assets, and Debt
  • 13 Million+

    Get appointments, activity, occupation data and more with complete Director profiles
  • 40+ Fields

    Request fields ranging from Shareholders, Current Charges, to Account Year End Dates
  • 15 Seconds

    Is all it takes to get started with an API Key to begin developing from Documentation

Integrate a single API for your entire business

  • Switch Credit & Finance processes on autopilot

    Automate credit decisioning with completely available Credit Scores, CCJs, and Charge history
  • Help Research Teams stay compliant

    Perform KYC checks and map company connections with Shareholders, Group Structures, and Director data
  • Allow Sales & Marketing teams to see the full picture

    Bring company names to life with Turnover, Director Names, Telephone, Email Addresses
  • Keep Account Managers continously connected

    Integrate real-time company information into CRM systems with Company Activity Updates and Filing History

Begin developing incredible tools with powerful data

Designed as a complete Companies House alternative, Endole Company API seamlessly plugs in to your existing applications
GET /company/{company_number}/financials
curl https://api.endole.co.uk/company/00445790/financials \ -u 12312 12312:gUbHT4ChpjzHSN7L9QYIdoninSoK3dL0
*Above is an example call requesting 1Y Full Company Financials
Sample Response

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Endole Essentials API (Free)

Use authentic data that's updated on a daily basis including free access to everything Companies House API offers and more
  • Company Number, Name, Address, Filing Dates and more
  • Company Status including Administration and Dormant flags
  • Satisfied and Outstanding Charges
  • 2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
  • Basic Financials like Total Assets and Total Liabilities

Endole Premium API

Get complete access to one of the largest UK Company API's ever, with Credit Scores, 10Y Financials, and full Companies House data
  • Everything Essentials API includes
  • 10 years of full P&L, Balance, Cash Statements, and Ratios
  • Shareholders, Group Structure, and PSCs
  • Credit Scores, Borrowing Limits, Charges, and CCJs
  • Director Names, Telephone, Email Addresses, and Trading Addresses