Company Explorer
Endole Company Explorer is the result of authentic information collected, aggregated and then cleansed for powerful search functionality. Instantly create and access custom business lists for your B2B marketing campaign – empowering you with information to find and target the right companies nationally.
Up-to-date Data
Keeping our data accurate is important to us. We do this by ensuring our data is up-to-date. Constantly. The majority of our data are updated instantly. And other data are updated within 24 hours. That's why millions of people rely on us to supply corporate data every month.
Build custom business lists with our advanced filter system. Select additional premium information for your chosen companies, then export the data instantly and efficiently to empower your research. This is available in CSV format.
CTPS Telephone
Filter your search by CTPS Telephone Numbers. To help you keep up-to-date with the relevant guidelines, at Endole we ensure that this information is cross-checked against the Telephone Preference Service register.
Research on companies can be categorised by Location. Filter your corporate list by Registered Address, this includes: Towns, Postcodes and Counties. Find all the companies you want in areas selected by you.
We have over 9000 SIC codes to help you narrow down your search by the products and services they offer. When used for market segmentation, SIC codes enable you to target organizations more efficiently.
Over 35 Filters
With over 35 different filters, Endole offers you an advanced system that intuitively works with you to create a custom business list that’s ideal for you. This includes filtering by Geography, Incorporation Date, Status, Type, Size, SIC and No. of Employees.
What's Next?
Company Explorer is free to access. Company lists exports are premium features. View our Plans & Pricing.LAUNCH ENDOLE COMPANY EXPLORER
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