The data on Endole are sourced from governmental bodies, official registrars and information from the companies themselves. This diverse data is then systematically cross-referenced against one another, minimising discrepancies.
Up to date Data
Keeping our data accurate and up-to-date is the first priority of Endole, that’s why millions of people rely on us to supply corporate data every month. The majority of our data are updated instantly and other data are updated within 24 hours.
Intelligent Overview
Everything you need to know, summarised with intelligence in mind. Our system automatically highlights anything you should be aware of. If the Annual Returns or Accounts are overdue or even if there’s an increase or decrease in crucial financials, at Endole we make sure it’s recognised.
A complete insight into the current and financial history of a Company. This includes 5 Year Financial Accounts, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Profitability Ratios.
Latest Activities
Endole tracks every corporate filing occurring within a company. This information is then seamlessly displayed in a chronological order to help you identify relevant opportunities and risks. This includes when a Director is appointed or has resigned, all Accounts and Returns submitted, and when dues and charges are created or satisfied.
Credit Risk
Make a more informed judgement and avoid problematic decisions. We provide information to help you make a decision on more than just trust. This includes Current and Previous Credit Score, Recommend Credit Limit, County Court Judgments, Gazettes, Mortgages and Charges Information.
A deep analysis on whether your clients are backed by a group of individuals or a corporation. This includes a list of all shareholders, how much shares they're holding and the percentage of ownership of the company. This also includes the corporate group structure, the relation to the company and the ownership type.
Directors & Secretaries
Analyse the people behind a company. By learning about their job roles, involvement in other companies, and how long they've been around, you can decide if the company is in good hands. This includes Status, Disqualifications, and Current and Previous Addresses.
Avoid breaks in communications and contact your clients directly. We have Telephone Numbers, Trading and E-mail Addresses and can provide them with a click of button.
Every company in the UK is required to submit official documents annually. We provide access to the latest documents and hold more than 100 million documents dating back over 20 years, you can now instantly download and view these documents at your convenience.
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