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Filter companies by Key Data


On Endole Explorer, you can search for companies by applying certain Key Data filters. These are as follows:

  • Name
    Identify companies with specific keywords in their names e.g Automotive.

  • Incorporation Date
    Search for companies based on when they were incorporated.

  • Status
    Target companies by their trading status including Active, Liquidation and more.

  • Type
    Narrow your search based on the type of company including Private, Public, Limited and Unlimited companies.

  • Size
    Reach out to companies based on their size from Micro to Large.

    • Micro Businesses – Less than 10 employees or turnover under £632,000
    • Small Businesses – Between 10 to 50 employees or turnover between £632,000 to £10.2 million
    • Medium Businesses – Between 50 to 250 employees or turnover between £10.2 to £36 million
    • Large Businesses – More than 250 employees or turnover over £36 million

    You can learn more about how company sizes are defined by Companies House here:

    How are company sizes defined?

  • Accounts Category
    Look for companies with specific accounts categories including Dormant and Unaudited.

  • Employees
    Identify companies with a number of employees that's specified by you.

  • Adversity
    Target companies in adverse situations including Administration and Liquidation.

Applying Key Data filters

  1. To begin, login to Endole Explorer.
  2. Click the Filters button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Open the Key Data category located on the left-side of the Filters window and select a relevant filter.
  4. After selecting your filters, click Apply Filters to see your newly generated list.
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