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How often does Endole update its data?

Updating our data

At Endole, we collect, store, and process data from an array of sources. As this data is collected from a number of different sources, the time it takes to update each type of data can vary.

Below is a summary of the different types of data we collect and the time taken to update them.

Your account information

We only update your account information when you, the account holder, request an update. The updates take effect immediately. We do not make any changes automatically or manually to your account information without your consent.

Commercial data

A large portion of our data comprises of business information such as data on UK companies and directors.

We receive our business information data from multiple sources including:

  • Companies House, the Registry Trust and the TSO Gazette and other suppliers.
    This data updates within 24 hours.
  • Data from business websites or directories
    This data updates when our system has the opportunity to fetch the new sets of information from the website or directory. This can take up to a month.

How do I update information for my business?

Learn more about how to update your contact information on Endole here:

How do I update information for my business?
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