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How do I update information for my business?

Updating your contact information

We source our business data from a number of authoritative sources. We also source various other data, such as contact data, from Business Data Registry, a public registry that works with business owners to keep their company contact information up-to-date on directories and platforms like Endole.

To update your business's details on Endole, including Website, Telephone, Email Address and more, you can do so by updating your business’s contact information on Business Data Registry.

Updating other company information

Official information like Registered Company Name, Company Address, Financials, and more are sourced directly from Companies House, the official registrar of UK companies.

To update this information, please contact Companies House here.

How often is contact information updated?

Learn more about how often different types of data, including contact data, is updated here:

How often does Endole update its data?
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