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Company Profiles provide an array of business information for every company in the UK in a seamless, intuitive user interface. Offering unique facilities for learning more about the companies you care about, with in-depth access to up to 10 years financials, complete ownership structures (shareholders and group structures), real-time credit information, active company monitoring and more.

Exploring a Company Profile

Using Company Profiles, accessing in-depth information on UK companies is fast and intuitive. A Company Profile displays detailed company information and consist of eight comprehensive tabs:

  1. Overview tab
    View a detailed summary of key information about a company.
    Learn how to personalise the Overview tab

  2. People & Contacts tab
    Learn about Directors & Secretaries of a company, including contact information like Trading Addresses, Website, Email and more.
    Learn how to use the People & Contacts tab

  3. Financials tab
    Quickly explore and understand authentic 10 years financial accounts for any company in the UK.
    Learn how to explore Company Financials

  4. Control & Ownership tab
    Easily learn about the ownership of a company with interactive Shareholders charts, Group Structures and PSCs.
    Learn how to navigate Company Ownership

  5. Credit Risk tab
    Effortlessly discover how creditworthy a company is, including current and previous Credit Scores, Recommended Borrowing Limits and more.
    Learn how to generate Credit Reports

  6. Competition tab
    Learn how well a company is doing by comparing it against it's closest competitors.
    Learn how to compare companies against their competition

  7. Property tab
    See what a company owns with Land Registry and Trademark information.
    Learn how to see what a company owns

  8. Documents tab
    Browse through over 100 million Official Companies House Documents.
    Learn how to browse through Official Documents

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