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Financials tab


The Financials tab allows you to easily browse through 10 years of company financial accounts, allowing you to see how a company has performed over time with a decade of full Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Percentage and Ratios statements.

  1. To begin, login to Endole Insight.
  2. Then search and open a Company Profile.
  3. Under your Company Profile tabs, click the Financials tab.

Learn how recently company financials were submitted

  1. In the Accounts tile, locate Latest Accounts (found under Banker and Auditor).
  2. Learn when accounts were submitted by viewing the date of submission.
  1. Scroll down to the Financial Accounts tile.
  2. Click the Blue Arrow on the right side of your screen to quickly toggle through each financial year from over the last 10 years.

Generate charts for specific company financials

  1. Hover over a financial field on the left side of your screen e.g Turnover.
  2. Click the chart icon to generate a 10 year chart for the financial field of your choice.

Note: By hovering over a point on the chart, you can quickly view the exact value of the point.

Export financial accounts to a spreadsheet

  1. Locate and click the Export to Excel button in the top-right corner of the Financials tab.
  2. Once clicked, the exported financials will begin downloading after a few moments.
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