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Control & Ownership tab


The Control & Ownership tab is used to learn about the ownership of a company with interactive Shareholders charts, and real-time Shareholder, Group Structures and PSC information.

  1. To begin, login to Endole Insight.
  2. Then search and open a Company Profile.
  3. Under your Company Profile tabs, click the Ownership tab.

Using the visualised shareholder chart

Each coloured block in the visualised shareholder chart represents a shareholder. This gives you an instant, visual view of the percentage that every shareholder owns of the company.

Note: By hovering over each coloured block, you can see exactly how many shares are held (including percentage owned).

Learning more about the shareholders of a company

  1. From the visualised shareholder chart, scroll down to the the Shareholders table.
  2. Using the table, explore each shareholder of the company to learn about their name, share type and shares held.

Understanding Bulk Lists

A Bulk List is a large list of shareholders. Due to the number of shareholders, this list is submitted as a 'Bulk List' by the company. This is commonly found in Plc companies.

Bulk Lists are available as .PDF files and start from £30. To see the Bulk List for a company, please place an order by contacting us here.

Exploring company group structures

  1. Scroll down to the Group Structure tile.
  2. Learn how many child companies a company has by seeing the number next to the company name, e.g Tesco Plc (39).
  3. Click a Parent, Siblings or Child company to further explore each stage of the group structure.

Persons with Significant Control

A Person with Significant Control (PSC) is someone who controls or owns a company. PSCs are likely to be people who hold:
  • Over 25% of shares in the company.
  • Over 25% of voting rights in the company.
  • The right to remove or appoint the majority of the board of directors.
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