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How to monitor a company

Monitoring with Watch List

Watch List is a facility that's included in Endole Insight. Watch List is used to easily monitor companies that are important to you and is made up of of three simple steps:

  1. Search
    Search for the company you would like to monitor.
    Learn how to search on Endole Insight.

  2. Add
    On the company's profile, click Add To Watch List in the top-right corner of your screen.

  3. Understand
    Receive live email alerts every time there's a change in a company you're watching and view the company's profile to better understand each change.

Removing a company from your Watch List

  1. Open your Endole Watch List.
  2. Locate the company that you would like to stop monitoring.
  3. Click the X button (located on the right-side of your screen).
  4. Once the prompt appears at the top of your page, click OK and this company will be removed from your Watch List.

Company activity updates

Company activity updates are processed and updated in real-time, instantly notifying you via email as soon as a change in the company’s activity has occurred. Including changes to Financial Accounts, Credit Scores, Directorship, Shareholders and more.
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