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How to use Endole Insight


Endole Insight is a real-time, comprehensive company research and credit check platform. It is used by businesses across the world to better understand UK companies and directors, whether they are suppliers, competitors, customers or anything else.

Using Endole Insight

Endole Insight was built to make research and credit checking easier. Using Endole Insight is straightforward and largely comprises of two steps:

  1. Search
    Start by searching for a company or a director you would like to learn more about.
    Learn how to search on Endole Insight.

  2. Learn
    Once you've found the company or director you would like to learn more about, you can open the profile to view more in-depth information.
    Learn more about Company Profiles.

Making the most of your Endole Insight experience

Endole Insight has a number of features in place to make research easier like Quick View and Watch List.

To get a quick overview of any Company or Director, hover over a Company or Director name anywhere in Endole Insight to activate Quick View. Quick View provides a summary of a Company or Director in the form of a popup to help you quickly learn about them without the need to load a page.

To monitor a company using Watch List, visit How to monitor a company.
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